Here is how I've got a huge inspiration boost by visiting my old friend at work..

This super creative commercial shooting for the Austrian company D'arbo took part in Vilnius, Lithuania.
I was invited to come over by Giedre Anuzyte (wardrobe stylist) who was one of the huge creative team members participating alongside:
Grandma Production House,
Agency: Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann, Austria,
Director: Tracey Rowe,
Producers: Bonnie Fay and Gerda Serbentaite,
DOP: Mike Molloy,
Post-Production: Blockhead, New Zealand,
..and many many others...

I was absolutely blown away after entering the huge hangar & seeing 5 different rooms staged to the very precise details,
perfectly dressed up models & good vibes above the stage where everyone knew what exactly they have to do.

  • ..some photographs i'd like to share:

  • ..very good sense of the overall mood in this behind the scenes video by Grandma:

  • ..and here is one of the final video's: