Family portraits

are one of my favorite's to photograph.

I seek to capture the magical moments in natural family life, insuring your photos are relaxed and unique.

I am always happy to hear your ideas and give my own suggestions if needed.
Informal images of families are mostly taken outdoors in natural light.
However, kids and babies feel much more comfortable in their own environment and that's okay.
I am happy to help and coordinate clothing and surroundings. We can use the brightest room of the house
and I can add some lighting where needed. I'm interested to hear what your family's hobbies & activities are -
from there we can create the idea, choose the location and incorporate any other inspiring details.

I am more than happy to photograph any occasion including birthdays, christenings, communions etc..

One of the most important things to establish here is a good mood and a comfortable atmosphere.
And I can guarantee you both..  I am very friendly and easy going with kids.
The Photoshoot takes from 2 to 4 hours, so it's almost a day out! I am more than happy to help organize and help out as much as possible during the day.
I offer x2 packages, but we can always make a price depending on your personal needs.


Package number 1:
x25 retouched photos (in x2 sizes) on CD - 200 eur

Package number 2:
x50 retouched photos in color + black&white (total 100)
(in x2 sizes) on CD - 300 eur
(the best for : communions, christenings, parties)

*plus travel expenses (all Ireland - except County Clare)


*Photobooks & Prints available